Guest Mighty Mick McGuane Round 19 Preview

Guest Mighty Mick McGuane Round 19 Preview


Special Guest Mick McGuane on what’s great about our game!

Mick’s 1994 Goal of the Year

Round 19 Games Preview

45:00 Essendon V Sydney (Shane’s pick: Essendon by 12 points)

50:00 Richmond V Collingwood (Shane’s pick: Richmond)

58:00 Geelong V Brisbane (Shane’s pick: Geelong by 25 points)

60:00 GWS V St. Kilda (Shane’s pick: GWS)

62:00 Gold Coast V Carlton (Shane’s pick: Gold Coast by 12 points)

63:00 Adelaide V Melbourne (Shane’s pick: Melbourne by 12 points)

65:00 North Melbourne V West Coast (Shane’s pick: West Coast by 15 points)

66:00 Western Bulldogs V Port Adelaide (Shane’s pick: Port Adelaide by 20 points)

67:00 Fremantle V Hawthorn (Shane’s pick: Hawthorn by 11 points)


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Title Track – Tha Touch
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