James Hird

Australian Rules Football has always been in my life. It has taken me to incredible highs and incredible lows. Football in its purest form is a beautiful spectacle. It combines raw power, immense courage, the mastery of an oval ball and large powers of mental concentration.

I have always passionately watched football live and on TV the spectacle grabbed me as a child but it is the contests within a contest that keep me glued to my seat.

I grew up barracking for Essendon but watched as a youngster as North Melbourne, Richmond, Carlton and Collingwood dominated the black and white TV screen my parents owned. Lou Richards, Peter Landy and Bob Skilton were the voices that I remember calling the games. Essendon was very rarely on the TV during the late seventies and it was the occasional glimpse on the winners hosted by Drew Morphett that kept me up to date with the Bombers. I have only the fondest memories of those times. The commentators celebrated the games and the players were all larger than life.

Football is unique in that no  matter what the score or position of the two teams there is always something to watch and something to discuss.

This year Shane Crawford and I are going to enjoy football. And we are going to talk about it. The contests the teams the whys and the how. We do not know it all but we have seen the game as supporters, coach, players and journalists. We have been made by it and scarred by it.

Best of all is that we love football. And we want to talk about it.

Please enjoy our podcasts that will be released twice weekly.

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“We Talk Football”.

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