C & H #Teaser Episode

Twice a week Shane and James are joined by Ralph as they delve deep into the big questions around life and football. Covering huge ground every week to unlock the games’ most important topics and deliver their answers. Additionally, on Friday’s and some Thursday’s they’ll put it all on the line and tip the 9 winners they think can be expected from the weekend ahead.

Here’s a sneak peak of the soon to be released podcast.

For more information and updates head along to crawfhirdy.com and stay in the loop.

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  1. Brilliant. Great to have James back in footy circles where he belongs. Crawf and Ralph, sounds good to me guys. Keep it up. Love your work.

    1. Thanks Liz

      Great to have you as a listener. Please sign up as a member so we can make sure you receive all the unique content we are working on behind the scenes.


      James, Shane and Ralphy

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